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I always had the One Bite Rule too spyfferoni. Didn't allow any trash spitting though. And they had to make their own PB&J's if they chose not to eat. The 3 year old had to bite & swallow, but not make the PB& J themselves. And those who do not eat dinner do not get dessert. The "no dessert" crowd includes those who choose PB&J.

But then I had 4 kids plus all the extras and often my nephews. Even now I really have little idea what each child especially dislikes in the way of food. I think there is only one meal that I have ever cooked that nobody ever complains about. I have no idea what I would cook if I paid attention to what each of them does or does not like. So, I solved that by letting each of them have whatever they wanted for their birthday dinner - now a family tradition.

My mother used to drive my sis and me absolutely MAD whenever she took the grands; "Oh, you don't like that? Grammy will make you something else. Of course you don't have to eat that either! NEVER would Grammy refuse you a piece of cake!" They would come home and for a week eat nothing at all and pitch fits at every turn. I had some mighty go-rounds with my mother over that and have tried very hard NOT to do that to my own grands. Eat it, don't eat it - but go hungry if you don't.
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I've tried all my radish varieties now. All the Purple Plums are gone. White Icicle is good but they've all been pretty small. Long Scarlet was so hot I almost couldn't eat it, and kind of woody and tough. The Purple Plum was good and I pulled some larger than a golf ball and they still had excellent texture, not spongy at all. But my favorite is still Hailstone. I love the flavor, the texture, the size and shape. All my radishes had prickly leaves so I wasn't brave enough to try the greens. I was too chicken.
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Tyff- thats great about the kids trying new foods. I wasnt for trash spitting before my internship (im a dietitian and had some of my internship at WIC)

Ellen Sattyr is a great child feeding author. Its the parents responsibility to fix safe foods at consistent times, and its the childs responsibility to eat it or not!

as far as radishes- had a small pack of Easter Egg from trade- got a plum colored one yesterday, and it was a touch sweet. Ill take a tiny bite, but thats as far as ive gotten!
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Purple Plum was outstanding in the last few weeks of heat....I grew Hailstone alongside it as the only other variety this year...Purple Plum stayed wonderfully crisp and not too hot...Hailstone was losing texture about a week ago already....They are really pretty sliced in salads, as they are eggplant purple with snow white interiors...

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