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Old September 28, 2018   #46
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Hi Rajun,
Just letting you know I got the seeds. Thank you
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Old April 8, 2019   #47
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I also had great success from this okra. I only planted one plant all by itself. Regrettably no pics, but mine. Got to a little over 7 ft with 12 branches. Heavy producer despite negligence. Typical cowhorn okra pod. Saved a bunch of seed and planting several this year. Thanks Rajun!
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Old April 13, 2019   #48
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I am trying to get it started a lot earlier this year. I started some in pots a few weeks ago and the first one sprouted today and I am hoping for more today. I am hoping this early start will make a difference in when they start making pods.

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Old June 7, 2019   #49
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Thank you again for the Choppee and Bush Cowhorn seed, I planted the seedlings on the same day with the varieties separated by a lot of distance. Ten plants each of both. The Choppee is already producing a few pods and the plants are only twenty four inches tall. The BC plants are about thirty inches tall and growing rapidly, but no pods so far. Someone said the small pods are very tasty right from the plant. I now know they were correct, at least with the choppee.
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Old June 9, 2019   #50
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It has been a very slow start for okra here, just not hot enough. I certainly won't complain about that. All in the ground or in blocks/cups are starting to show some more vigor the last couple weeks. I have choppee and bush from rajun and Bill so we'll see how they compare here to clemson spineless.
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