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Default OP versions

In fact there appear to be at least several so-called OP versions.
I know of at least three and at least one of the "operators"
selling them claims to have "dehybridized" the variety. That
is nonsense.

I have actually tried two of these and they do not compare
favorably. They do not have the characteristic subtlety and
complexity of Dona F1. In my judgment they are not worth
having but you can find them easily if you want.

Another version has been sold as plants. While the company
knew very well that they were using so-called OP seeds,
they falsely and illegally claimed that they were selling hybrid
plants. When notified of the discrepancy, they changed their
claim on the website slightly. A year later they went more-or-
less back to the same claim. Worse, even though they were
provided with a source for genuine Dona F1 seeds, which they
could have used to supply genuine plants and probably made
a bigger profit, they chose not to.

My suggestion is that you not bother with any of them. If you
ever get the chance to compare any of these with the F1, you
will know the difference immediately.
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