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Default Is this true?

I've heard that if you don't water your pepper plants enough during the summer, they will produce an even hotter pepper. Is there any kind of truth to this statement? I bought some pepperoncini seeds 2 years ago. The first year I must have done something drastically wrong because nothing came up for me. Last year I got them to grow, but my husband said they were extremely hotter than he thought they should be.

I even gave some to a next door neighbor and her dad tried to give them back to us (not knowing we gave them to them). He said they are the hottest things they'd ever had.

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Many sources confirm that the peppers get hotter, if the plants grow in dry location or are not watered a lot. Our garden soil is very sandy and does not hold moisture well. Last summer my garden grown peppers were hotter than the ones grown in containers.
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