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Default SPINETORAM, any user experience with this bio insecticide?


Yesterday I went shopping down in the Ag area and was recommended this product by three people buying their own stuff at the chemicals store.

it was a bit out of my price range since the smallest aliquot was 1 liter, for a little over a Ben Franklin.

Rather than take the plunge, I decided to consult with some of you generous commercial growers that might already be using this.

Active ingredient SPINETORAM

Thank you kindly.
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SPINETORAM is an insecticide that is similar to SPINOSAD. They originate from the same place, the fermentation of the actinomycetes bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa. The bacteria produce organic compounds called spinosyns which have the insecticidal properties.

SPINOSAD is a combination of spinosyn A and spinosyn D.
SPINETORAM is made from a combination of spinosyns J and spinosyn L which is then synthetically modified to produce SPINETORAM

I guess SPINETORAM is a more potent, highly concentrated insecticide. That would explain the initial price.
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Thanks for the response Ray. I've got the biology down, it's more along the end-user experience that I'm focusing on, I should have asked those guys right then and there.

I've been using Spinosin A/D with Monterey and am happy with it except for the fact it is fairly diluted, at 60 mL per gallon I'm going through the stuff relatively quickly.

And I started searching for alternatives. It seems this formulation with J/L is definitely newer, and from the body language and other cues I picked up from these laconic farmers at the store, they were pretty fired up about the product.

AFTER a fury of clicks I found the application rates, now I'm pretty fired up about it.

The range for different target insects is 30 to 60 mL in 100 L of water.

A LOT MORE CONCENTRATED than the 20 mL/L of the Monterey.

I'm gonna start my piggy bank.
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