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A very interesting thread.
Thanks for posting the pics as I, too, was a little confused about the whole process.
My question is,
what would happen if I were to try this method with one of my plants that have been potted up ( 3 times)the traditional way? Could I make it work?
One more question has come to mind,
Could you make this method work with other vegies- eggplants and peppers, specifically?
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michael johnson
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Dokutaaguriin- if you decide to make some bottomless pots yourself, first try to find the kind that are rather more flexible and not the stiff brittle type, then cut them from underneath about a 1/4 of an inch from the bottom rim.

From experiance I have found the best way to cut them is to bore a largish hole in the middle about 3/4 of an inch accross -just enough to get your cutters into to start the cut, then work your way in an outward spiral to the edge, keep the cutter leaned over at an angle to stop the cut from binding on the cutters, I use a very strong pair of sharp tin snips to do the job, or strong scissors.

I am not so sure it will work with other plants-other than tomatoes-unless they are prone to stem rooting along the stem.
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