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Default 11 May 2017 Tempeh. First batch. 11 May 2017 Tempeh. First batch.
Recently being introduced to Tempeh, after some preparation it was decided to initiate a setup for making the high protein food. There were several things to learn and to decide on the most convenient methods. Things to focus on are de-hulling the soy beans, making some sort of incubator in the range of 30C to 36C, how to contain the fermented product. I was not wholly without experience, since I had made Natto several times.
My system summarized is as follows. Use 500 ml of dried beans. After processing this translates into about a liter. De-hull the beans by boiling for 30 minutes and rubbing between the hands about six times draining the hulls away periodically. Pressure cook for 45 minutes.
Cool the beans to 40C add two tablespoons of white vinegar as a spore catalyst, add the spores (3g) and mix thoroughly. Place the prepared beans in containers of choice. The finished material sticks to anything. I chose open mesh containers (Bed and Beyond) lined with 100% cotton flour cloth from Walmart. The beans must have some access to air to ferment properly.
For an incubator I used a body heating pad in a 22 liter bucket (Winee trade) with a stand set above to place the fermenting containers. I placed a LED lamp on top for a bit of control by installing a plug in dimmer. I needed a bit more heat than what the heating pad supplied to get about 32C. A temperature of 30C to 36C is required. My dehydrator will not go as low as 30C.
The fermentation was highly successful. All four of my containers produced quality tempeh. This is the raw product and it need be cooked. I sliced four piece off the main block and fried them in butter and served with a touch of soy sauce. This was my first attempt at making this product. Pictures depict the method in some detail.
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Location: Brantford, ON, Canada
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7 July 2017 Tempeh

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Durgan 7 July 2017 Tempeh
I ordered one kilogram of tempeh starter from in Indonesia. Cost about 75 dollars including shipping.
The first batch of one half liter of dried of soy beans were made into perfect tempeh. One kilogram of starter is enough to process over 200 liters of tempeh.
Half a liter of dried soy beans were washed and then boiled for about 30 minutes, then skins removed by rubbing between the hands, and the skins poured off about 5 times to remove completely. The beans were then pressure cooked for 30 minutes at 15 PSI. Beans were allowed to cool to room temperature. A large tablespoon of vinegar was added to lower pH and mixed, then one teaspoon of powdered Starter was added and mixed thoroughly.
The prepared beans were then placed in three open containers in a sterilized cotton damp clothe to main some humidity. The containers were then placed in a 5 gallon bucket which has a body heater in the bottom with an LED lamp at the top with a dimmer to control the temperature around 31C. Incubation was ~30 hours which produced perfect tempeh. The following pictures depict the process.

Second Batch made with Tempeh Starter Raprima. (Rhizopus Oligosporus) from Indonesia. 9 July 2017 Tempeh
My second batch of tempeh was made using starter from Indonesia. Fementation was only 18 hours for excellent tempeh. This is far superior to using starter from a previous batch.
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