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Default beneficial nematodes blender and drip tape

A friend gave me some supposedly soluble beneficial nematodes, but the ones he used didn't dissolve well. I was thinking of blending them on high speed and then feeding them through the drip tape. Since there are millions to the teaspoon they should fit through the tape if they survive the blender. Your thoughts?
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They will go through the drip tape fine but the blender may be troublesome. Maybe contact the manufacturer to find out their thoughts.
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I would think NO NO NO. What did the directions tell you to do? Mine say to let the box sit out for 1/2 hour and then mix the specified quantity into a gallon of water and let the saw dust float to the top and strain that out. Then use the water as/where needed. OR contact the manufacturer and ask for more detailed directions.
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I would put them in a bucket with filtered water and little molasses, then place an aquarium air pump on the bucket to aerate it. A little water pump from something like a desktop fountain would work just as well. Bubble it about two days at room temp. You can filter it through a "paint strainer," which is a mesh bag they sell in the paint section of hardware stores, often with the spray gun stuff. They look like bridal veils or mosquito nets.

Whatever bacterial spores you have should grow and multiply, feeding off the molasses. If you had a tiny bit of worm castings or compost to add, your end product would be an aerated compost tea.
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Putting them through a blender? You do realize these things are living things and though microscopic are still fairly delicate? You'll smash them to pieces and lose the benefit. They certainly won't be able to seek out any prey in the ground.
I don't understand "soluble" as these are insects!
Treat them carefully would be my advice.
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Yes, these are tiny worms or insects,not bacteria. Rehydrate them and spray or sprinkle on the ground.
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Ok, I will treat them gently. I know they are alive, was just having a bigger is better, more horsepower moment.
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