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I agree, don't leave them any longer.
And three weeks from scapes is about right anyway - I suppose that might vary depending on growing weather, but there's no growth happening if the leaves are all brown.

In a dry environment, people count the leaves that are still green as a measure of when to harvest. Each green leaf represents a wrapper on your bulb, so you do want some green left normally when you harvest, or without wrappers there's not much storage life. So they say.

In a wet year here, we don't always see full leaves going brown, but if the time has passed for them to form their bulbs, we also just count leaves that have brown tips, instead of fully brown. The leaves can stay really green if they get rain at a certain point in the season, so the plants can have a lot of green leaves still when we decide to harvest.
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Thanks, Bower and Sari, they'll be harvested tomorrow.
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Dug lots of garlic, pics soon! Almost dry!
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Originally Posted by svalli View Post
Now I have all fall planted garlic cleaned for dying in the garage. After a dry period, we got humid weather and thunderstorms, so I can not dry them outdoors. I got the last ones cleaned yesterday just before the constant thunder and heavy rains started.

Beautiful, Sari! You did a great job.
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