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Originally Posted by drew51 View Post
I'm trying a purple, I got it from Croatia.
Here is the description
LIVOVYI DZHEM-PLUM JAM Russian Heirloom 75-85 days. Rare purple tomatillo with
exceptional appearance and taste. Deep violet skin color bleeds into flesh with green centers. Much sweeter than
the green types with a musky flavor that is superb when eaten right from the plant. Harvest after the papery husk
has split, when fruits are the size of a golf ball and skin has turned a deep purple color. This unusual deep
purple tomatillo makes an ideal salsa with its sweet tart flavor.

I have two growing and it is outpacing everything! It's huge with flowers already. I'm not planting out till Saturday. I have grown ground cherries, but never tomatillo's till now. When looking at pictures, it doesn't look like the purple I see sold around here.
I probably have extra seed. Looking for a good green also! I can save ton's of seed too if this is worthwhile?

I found some of those on Ebay,drew.I wonder if it is the same vendor that you got yours from?

The price is not exorbitant either.I always wonder tho,if these other purples that are for sale,are just Purple de Milpa renamed,as I doubt that Tomatillos are native to Croatia. I know you said they look different than the other pics you have seen..but still...I wonder.
I soiled my plants.
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