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Default what's in bloom?

I stopped for a moment while I was working in my small garden and realized I have dozens of different plants in bloom (including some vegs). This garden is a few years old, and I'm always getting new plants and bulbs at plant exchanges, and planting seeds, so by the time something bursts into bloom it's often a surprise.

The most exciting ones to me this season are the native penstemons, the purple/magenta gladiolus, all the pink/magenta yarrows, and the self-seeded Clarkia purpureas, which reseeded themselves between a couple of peacock kales.

Gladiolus, Lychnis coronaria, yarrow, Clarkia purpurea, dianthus

purples, pinks
Clarkia amoena (self-seeded, the stars of the garden this month), hollyhock (light pink), deep purple penstemon shrub, echinaceas (just starting), mini rose with pink-edged white flower, comfrey, 2 types of lavender

3 species of gilia, borage

yarrow, hollyhock (yellow tinge), soap plant (flowers open after 6 pm), strawberries, blackberries, celery, 2 species of native buckwheats, scented geranium

yarrow, grindelia, kales, tomatoes, viola (yellow and purple, has been blooming nonstop since Feb.), aloes, hens & chicks (wtih orange)

oranges and red-oranges
nasturtium, 2 types of calendula, native penstemon (coral orange), calif. poppies, alstroemerias
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Blooming in my garden:
Tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, beans, peppers, cukes, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, phlox, portulaca, hydrangea, wild petunias, alliums, and that's about it. Most of the flowering show happens in spring with the azaleas and dogwood trees and doesn't last long.
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Mine are slowly getting there, we had such a wet and cool Spring, that things are now starting to bloom.
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Firecracker penstamen, moonshine yarrow, some of the lilies, moonflowers, and just beginning are the daylilies and purple coneflowers. Some larkspur and marigolds - guess I had more than I thought! Piegirl
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