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Default Please help with black currants and gooseberries varieties info

Hello everyone. I have a question that might sound strange. Our family loves black currants and gooseberries. My father in law has about 50 plants growing in their backyard. But the varieties that we grow are the standard varieties that came out of catalogs and so far I have not been impressed. I recently came across a Canadian site that sells currants and gooseberries. I was really intrigued by the gooseberry called Xenia and black currant called Blackcomb. I contacted the nursery, but they sell in bulk - 120 plants min. I could not find any links for the Blackcomb and Xenia only came up for European sites. Does anyone know where I can acquire these plants in USA? Does anyone grow these?

Thank you.
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I had no luck in a search for a source outside of the UK.

However, you might want to try contacting a nursery, such as, to see if they can get those varieties.

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The Cornell site of where you can buy plants only lists Blackcomb as available in Canada from McGinnis which is the same company that has Xenia, wierd that Xenia is not listed on the Cornells site. McGinnis's site says that Xenia is not available in the US yet.
But maybe you could call the companies listed on the Cornell site to see if any of them is going to carry Blackcomb or Xenia next year.
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