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Default Deep Red, LARGE, Cockscomb Seed needed

While planting some annual seed to spice up the tomato beds between the rows, I remembered, as a young boy walking the couple miles to school, where one elderly lady had a beautiful cut flower bed. What stood out the most was a deep scarlet and similar shades of huge cockscombs. She would normally just let them dry where they grew and they retained their original color while also producing plenty of seed from year to year. That was back when I was about 11, and I have not seen cockscomb since then. A true shame, if only because it was such an beautiful eye-catcher. For that matter, I never even see it in the stores or among the bedding plants. Always plenty of celosia of every shade, but never those six to eight inch broad, deep red cockscomb. Does anyone grow it any longer?
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Baker Creek sells the seed.

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