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Donna Mattingly
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Default Tomato Plant Looking Like Fiddleheads

Hello, friends...
I was visiting with a friend last week and she had some tomato plants with deformed leaves and greenery in a manner neither of us had ever seen before. These pics she sent me really don't do justice to what I saw but hope some of you can get the gist of it from them and render an opinion on what might be going on.

HINT: The deformed plants that are taking on odd shapes are located in a portion of her garden that she says was at one time a "burn pile" (I guess in an area for burning trash by the previous homeowners). Tomato plants elsewhere in her yard are not taking on these oddly fiddle-shaped protrusions - only those on the "burn pile", even though she has amended all the soil, etc.

Experts...what do you think?!IMG_1062.jpg



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