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Default The Tale Of Two Tomatillos.

When I purchased these tomatillo plants all it said was tomatillo.

I purchased 4 of them and to my surprise I now see I have at least two distinct tomatillo plants. ( I think)

Both plants have small leaves but one has a squat flattish husk while the others have something compared to a heart shape.

I'll have to follow the vines to see where the mother plant is.

You can see in the pictures I had no idea how big these things can get.
I read about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall and so forth but this is ridiculous.
Also you will see a picture of the tomato side of things I took this picture today 9-9-2012.
Take note the short posts are 5 feet tall on the concrete block adding another 9 inches or so.
I have no idea how tall they are but you can see them peeking above the cucumber and bean vines in the center.

I cant believe these tomatoes are still around.


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Did Someone Mention Food????


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