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Default bleach spray

Double post

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This crazy low humidity is really helping with foliage diseases this year. I don't believe I have ever gone this far into the season without seeing at least some EB or gray mold. I usually have to use the diluted bleach spray at least once in April and usually more often and here it is nearly mid May and I haven't needed it yet. I just got in from closely inspecting my tomato plants and found no early signs of disease. I'm sure this will all change next week when chances of rain increase most of that week and with that will come the inevitable high humidity that is normal down here. I would love it if it rained good and then the humidity continued to be so low. We had one day last week with humidity of only 22% during the day. The humidity is less than 50% already and the morning is just beginning. Even though the humidity goes up at night when I check my plants first thing in the morning it is so strange to find them dry. Usually they are dripping with moisture almost like it had rained the night before. The only downside I am seeing is the need for much higher than normal watering as the plants seem to be sucking much more water out of the beds than normal. I'm enjoying it for now.

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