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Twenty years ago, my old Craftsman saw had worn out the aluminum pulleys provided with it when new. That sounds kind of strange, but aluminum is a soft metal and relatively easily distorted. Over time and hard use, the pulley wings where the belt rides had flexed enough that they were wider on one side which made the belt flop excessively. I went to a local flea market fairly regularly where a guy often showed up with odds and ends of machine tool parts. When I asked about cast iron pulleys, he dug around in a box and came up with two of them that were the perfect size for my Craftsman saw. I bought them for $1 each. When I think about my old saw, I often remember that it has worn out one set of pulleys and half a dozen belts, yet the saw is still rock solid and works like it should every time I turn it on.
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I bet the aluminum pulleys are really Zamak it is mostly zinc with about 4% aluminum and 3% copper.

This is the same stuff the back change gears were made out of on the Sears craftsman metal lathe which was made by Atlas.

Logan made the Montgomery Wards Lathes.
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