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General discussion regarding the techniques and methods used to successfully grow tomato plants in containers.

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Default first time container growing

Im starting with 7 gallon container for dipping my foot into the container tomato gardening pool.
Any recommendations for which tomato variety would be a good starting point? Im looking for something easy, not concerned with the characteristics of the fruit. Red, yellow, purple, cherry.... anything really. Just, easy
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I've been growing many of the dwarf varieties put out by the dwarf tomato project here and have tremendous success in containers.
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Walt B.
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Early Girl and Jaune Flamme have been my most successful
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New Big Dwarf.
Home of Cactus Flats Botanical Gardens.
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Honestly, and this may get some boos here, but go find a Husky Red Cherry plant from Bonnie's and stick it in that container. It should be pretty ez to find and it is very ez to grow. Get some success under your belt and get the bug.
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I would either make a swc or buy an earthbox

Results are staggering with little attention, especially if you have them automatic fill

Big tomato plants suck up so much water in a container
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With a 7 gallon container, you can grow just about anything. Regular watering and feeding are the keys to success.
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Indian Stripe, Pink Berkley Tie Dye. These have little problems with magnesium deficiency and are fairly compact. Magnesium deficiency is a big problem in containers, at least for me (I use mostly organic fertilizer). I add obscene amounts of epsom salts to keep it in check.
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Dewayne mater
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That should be enough soil for any variety. That said, at this point, I would not plant anything other than a cherry tomato. It will be too hot for any possible fruit set for anything in these parts! At that size, when the plant is a little bigger, you will likely have to water daily when it is hot. Good luck.
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