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Default How Can I Get My Morning Glories To Bloom Earlier?

I love morning glories, but can't get them to bloom until September. Last year, my flowers just started to bloom well, and it frosted. As you can see in the pic, I am already wearing a jacket (Around September 20th) I tried covering them at night, but the wind blew off the cover. Any ideas on how to get them to bloom earlier?image0-11.jpg
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lavandula girl
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I'm not sure it'll make them bloom any earlier, but my understanding of morning glories is that the more you abuse them, the better they do. My Grandma used to say that drier morning glories gave better flowers. Also, I know they're one of those plants that, when fertilized, gives lots of green growth and very little flowering growth. Seems to me they may also need a certain day length to trigger the plant, since the flowers open and close in the morning, generally, but I don't know that, it's just a guess. If you're starting some from seed, as well as counting on the plants to self-sow, perhaps starting some indoors next year will help, too. Good luck getting to see them before the weather changes on you!
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Perhaps planting different varieties of Morning Glory in the same spot. Some may flower just a little earier.

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