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Default Tlor Tsiran Black Apricot

Early last Spring we planted a Tlor Tsiran Black Apricot. I was very surprised to see some blooms on it this year--not many but a few on only the older wood, not on what grew last year. Even more pleasing was to see that the cuttings I rooted from trimmings last year are also blooming--and most aren't but eight or ten inches tall. So, it must bloom on two year or older old wood and not one year old wood. The flower buds were tinged deep pink and opened to be white with just a hint of pale pink blush....very pretty and nicely scented too. I don't know if we'll see much fruit (if any) from the few flowers, but I'll look forward to it. Next year the tree will have many more blooms and a greater probability of fruiting.

Has anyone grown this variety and what were the fruits like. There are very few pictures available on the net, Raintree who we ordered it from only has a picture of the breeder. So, I'll have to make some picts as it grows and fruits.

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