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Sunrise BB, Pink BB, and Sungold are all very sweet. most of the rest of my cherries will be new additions.
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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
Even though it may be boring, I am sticking with Supersweet 100. I grew Bloody Butcher also last year, it was not sweet but had full tomato flavor. I'll probably grow 1 BB again this year, but SS100 will always be a main stay in my garden.

Edit: My SS100 always produced consistent sized cherry tomatoes all the way through the season, not sure why you say yours get smaller at the end of the season ??
Not sure why they got smaller at the end of the season. They would only grow to currant size, were more tart, and would be all the way at the top of the plant, so I didn't bother.

I recommend Nectar, which produced and grew excellently and are a fair amount sweeter than SS100.
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Sunrise bb and pink bb were significantly less sweet then green tiger, blush and tigrette (a variety that looks similar) in my garden. I have a lot of shade and live in a cool climate. Maybe the bumblebees need more sun to get sweet.
If you haven't grown Sun gold it is a must. So delicious.
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Although not technically a cherry, I see no mention of Brad's Atomic Grape... ripe ones are hard to beat! And a tomato that makes the cover of Baker Creek 2018 catalog definitely needs a mention!
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Cherry tomatoes...I haven't grown one sweeter than sungold. Last year was wet and I planted black cherry, pink BB, White Cherry, Sunsugar, Sungold, and super sweet 100.

Sunsugar is by far the most reliable for me. Early sweetness, prolific, and overall consistent great taste, and basically the cages I go to when I want some. I had some in November that were still tasty - we had Okra too until mid-late October!

The sungold may be sweeter, but so many split. Super Sweet 100 is good later in the season; usually in early season they really aren't sweet. Black Cherry, not sweet. White Cherry was sweet later in the season. Pink BB was okay. None of these were near as prolific as Sunsugar, Sungold, and SS100.

The thing is, I gave some of each cherry type to my aunt, and she said White Cherry was her favorite...and I rated White Cherry last of the six. Taste and growing conditions vary, I guess.
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I have always liked White Cherry. I wouldn't call it the sweetest, but I find it has a very distinctive flavor, one that reminds me of white grapes.
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Originally Posted by e.thad View Post
I've heard about Sweet Aperitif and Matt's Wild Cherry, but they are currants. When I used to grow SS100 they would get currant size at the end of the season and I ended up not bothering. I just like having a mouthful when I eat no matter what it is. I take big bites. Different parts of your mouth pick up different flavors and I like to get the full effect.

So after many of you have chimed in, I think I've come to the conclusion that nothing compares to Sungold for it's sweetness/uniqueness combination. It might be better to go for cherries that have a great flavor more so than flat out sweetness. With that said, I'm looking at Blush, one of the Bumblebees (instead of Isis Candy?) as a bi-color (now I have to decide on which Bumblebee), and I'd still like to try AO UBX.

I'm still trying to find out what that "Cream" cherry is. I emailed Tomatofest. Waiting for a reply.

Also, I grew Black Cherry years ago along with SS100 and Sungold, and it was almost inedible to me. It had very little sweetness and was almost bitter. Many many people list it as their favorite, so I'm tempted to give it another try just in case it was mislabeled or something else was off. It's funny though, how some people have a taste for a particular variety and to others the taste is quite objectionable. I gave a guy at work a bag of cherry toms last year containing Sungold, Sugar Gloss (never heard of them before so bought a plant and they were not really sweet ... plain and unexciting) and Green Grape (which I grew for the first time last year because I read good things, but turned out to be bland) and he ended up preferring the GG! Over Sungold much less!

I also wonder why a variety can taste different year to year depending on conditions, but I've never heard or read anyone say that about Sungold. It tastes the same every year for me no matter what.
Aperitif & MWC are not currants, they are cerisiforme's, a distinct cherry tomato.
I think you don't but if you do or someone else does want a currant size, try Coyote.
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Originally Posted by e.thad View Post
Which really sweet cherries are on your 2018 grow list?
Nectar F1 & Esterina F1
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Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post
Iva's Red Berry.

Now that I have massive bunches of these ripening, I am in agreement. Very sweet, pleasant, not one dimensional taste.

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Russian Mini Yellow is about the same size as Coyote, but I think is both sweeter and better tasting. They are a bit of a pain to pick for market, though, because for that use they must be snipped from the vine to avoid tearing the stem end. But for snacking, that does not matter a bit!

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Anyone try the Ambrosia series from J&L?
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The sweetest OP cherry I think is Fahrenheit Sweet Red
Other sweet ones: Sweet Aperitif. Ambrosia Red, Ambrosia Gold, Dr. Carolyn's, Isis Candy, Sweet Orange II.
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Black Krim
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For 2017 season grew
green envy f1
yellow pear
sweet 100

All in an area that drains well and peaches do well.

Sungold didnot crack.----while I would sample every plant, Sungold required a second sampling!

Yellow pear, well, that is enjoyable for the mild tomato flavor of a childhood favorite.

sweet100---tastes good even delish, until eating the sungold.

green envy--a tricky one to pick at its best. Required much sampling to learn the perfect color to pick for a delightful eating experience. Even my 13 yo son liked this one and skipped the others.

For 2018, repeating sungold and black cherry (2016) and dding several more reds and whites. In 2016 the black cherry was neglected and the huge vine covered any fruit. At fall clean up I tried a couple fruits and totally regretted missing out on this tastey morsel.

Would also like to try black opal and carbon copy.....
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Wild Cherry AKA Matt's Wild Cherry you must grow at least once.
You wont be sorry.
We love MWC! It’s now a “ native” in my garden so I don’t have to plant it. I get tons of volunteers from it each year. I dried a bunch last fall although I didn’t even come close to harvesting them all.
I do wish I could find a fast way to pick the tiny little guys!
For a larger sweet cherry,how about Carbon Copy?
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Jasper Hyb was one of our favorites this year. It survived into the fall and was still producing before the first Polar Vortex so it must have some good pest resistance. Bellini Hyb was a delicious, semi-determinate, big gold cherry that we like a lot too.
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