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The styrofoam cups nest so closely that the water in the lower cup never comes in contact with the upper cup. If you want to bottom water (and there's really little benefit to doing so) then just set the drilled cups in a pan of water periodically.

Some peppers do have a purple tinge. I wouldn't worry about it. (Never been impressed with Jiffy anything.)

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I'm glad they are all in plastic now.I wanted to save some money but I will not make that mistake again.I soaked then in a container until I saw the water with MG get all the mix wet.I'll set them outside this week for an hour and increase it each day to harden them off.I bought a couple flat clear containers that will act like a greenhouse with the lid propped open.It should protect them if it gets to windy.And I'll start keeping them in the garage starting next week at night unless it starts to get cold.
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