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Default Some excellent results from some pretty old seed

I posted on another thread that I planted quite a few different older seeds to start my veggie crop for fall/winter 2017.. One variety, Walter, is roughly 40 years old - definitely the oldest seed I have - but even the 'youngest' seed I started was at least 9 years old, and most was 11+ years old.

Even so, I've had some amazingly good results so far.

#1, 8, 9, 19,20 - Basil (Superbo) - 9 years old. Shocking to me, since the seeds are so small. Actually the first seeds to sprout in the tray, and did so after only 3 days.

#2 - Basil (Lime) - 11 years old. Again, surprised seeds this small are still viable after this long

#10, 11, 21 - Italian Parsley - 11 years old. Took longer to sprout than the basil.

#12, 13, 22, 23 - Arugula (Rocket) - 12+ years old, and were actually brought back to the USA from Australia. I'm pretty sure these got 100% germination, or very close to it.

#3, 4, 5 - Tomato (Golden Jubilee) - 11 years old

#6,7 - Tomato (Super Marmande) - 12 years old

#24, 25 - Tomato (Oregon Spring) - 12 years old

#26 - 31 - Tomato (Pink Pear, piriform) - 12 years old. Saved from garden from wife's friend in Australia, and brought back to the USA. 100% germination.

#32, 33, 34 - Tomato (Dopey F2) - 11 years old

#35, 36 - Tomato (Sleazy-A F2) - 11 years old

Sadly, the 9-year-old Rosella Purple (vial 2458) seeds have all failed to germinate so far.

.. Needless to say, I planted a LOT of extra seeds, and more varieties than I needed for the space I have, expecting that, because of their age, most of the seeds would not sprout.. and now I have a lot more plants sprouted than I know what to do with.

Such a predicament to be in, huh?

Unfortunately, it does not appear the pepper seeds fared so well. I have had 0% germination on 4 varieties so far. Then again, I kind of expected this, since pepper seeds tend to lose viability much faster. Nevertheless, I have the tray on a heat mat and I'm still holding out for a few stragglers.
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