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Every year, I have problems with them growing leggy. My only guess is that it is the fluorescent lights. I have to move them up every day first thing in the morning because the plants have grown into the lights while they are off overnight. I only use the plastic dome the first week until the seeds start to germinate. When I pot up the tomato plants - I use regular MG potting mix and don't feed/fertilize them. I have already discussed with my wife about going to LED lights next year.

In summer, I sow/germinate seeds outside in dappled shade. Those plants do not grow leggy.
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Salt I have everything you need to build one of my extrem light CFL light setups.
Too bad it isn't there.
1200 watts of light in 12 square feet is nothing to sneeze at.
Doing my next one out of conduit.
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An easier solution to try first is put aluminum foil around the sides of your lights to reflect (the light you are now losing) back in.

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