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Default cucumber multiple plantings

Do you find you need multiple plantings to stay in cucumbers?
My National pickling seem to slow to a trickle after the first round, even if well picked.

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My Chinese hybrid cukes last until the frost typically. Pollinators not required either and they are so sweet and yums!
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I can see how a bush variety might produce all it's cucumbers in a concentrated time period but National Pickling is a vine, so it should keep going unless you have a disease issue. I'd keep watering and fertilizing, even when you don't see much going on at the moment.
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I plant different varieties. This year I have 6:
Armenian (1)
Parisian (2) first year growing
Pioneer F1 (1)
Japanese Suyo (1)
Masha F1 (1)
Mama’s (1) from my mom

We have plenty for ourselves, giving away and even got first fermenting batch this year. The only one that did not produce yet is Armenian, but it is always slow to start. They were planted out on May 16.

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