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Default Roasted Okra

Trimmed and tossed Okra in Olive Oil, salted lightly with Kosher Salt

Roasted at 450° for 20 minutes
Served on a bed of Lemon Thyme

Should have Broiled instead

It was bland and I did not like it, no one else did either for that matter!

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Okra like that lends itself well to eastern spices like garam masala.
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Dewayne mater
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Salt liberally as okra has a super mild, earthy flavor! Broiling for less time gets a crisp without turning it to mush. I also like lemon, cumin and red pepper flakes on it. For a twist, add sliced almonds for the last few minutes until they are toasted. There is a recipe out there called crack broccoli. What makes it crack is sliced almonds, red pepper and Parmesan Reggiano. The crack goes good on most roasted veggies imo.
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It kind of looks like the grilled okra I do sometimes. Tossed in olive oil, sprinkled with bbq rub and speared onto skewers to keep them from falling through the grill. Pretty good stuff!
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