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Yeah... they don't give a rating of lumens on the specs pic, but 45 watts is aplenty. Mine are 40 watts/4000 lumens and also did a bit of a scorching.

Everything else being equal with the plants on the racks above (same potting mix etc) it looks like the lights are the culprit.

One thing about the 'full spectrum' for plants - if I understand correctly, the red wavelengths are important for flowering and fruiting, while the blue are geared to vegetative growth. So perhaps the light is a bit skewed in the fruiting direction, not as ideal for starting out. With the right distance above the plants, you might find these lights more useful for eg growing microtomatoes indoors in the winter. Just a possibility.

I have had plants with damaged cotyledons that went on to do just fine. It does slow them down a bit just at first because they don't have the cots to feed the new shoot, but once they get true leaves the cots are no longer needed.
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My (white) LED's are right up against my plants and do fine. I think it's the wavelengths on that pink bulb that are the problem.

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