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After about ten days with temps in the 70's, lows in the 50's we just had two days of 28L, 56H. The peas have only been up for a tad over a week so still tender. I know peas can hold up to cold weather but to be sure I covered them with leaves.

After the leaves were gently brushed off, the peas look no worse for the wear. Even the few who had popped up above the leaves and had that dark green greasy "I got toasted" look are ok. And now I don't have to mulch them later. A good thing!

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Excellent! I had purple snow peas with dinner... could eat peas and beans every day.
- Joyce
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I saw the purple snow peas in one of your posted pics. I didn't know there were purple. What is the variety called?

With warmer temps on the way, I planted another 100 feet of Super Sugar Snap peas today.

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Been long time.
My peas are growing tendrils.
I think they are Early Alaska. They grow about 3ft tall.

Happy Gardening !
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