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Default Plants for this years gathering

I finally got most of mine in the ground. I still have the pots to fill but everything else looks good.

Here is my list. Most are different but there are a few repeats. Hopefully I can bring many of these to our gathering for the tasting. It is shaping up to be a good year unless the stinkbugs or some blight become intolerable. I will spray these babies with Daconil as soon as possible!

1. Morx White F2
2. Dr. Carolyn Pink
3. Kellogg’s Breakfast
4. Emily 2010 (F4)
5. Kosovo
6. Earl’s Faux
7. Green Giant
8. Omar’s Lebanese
9. Berkley Tie Dye Pink
10. Emily 2010 (funny foliage)
11. Brad’s Black Heart
12. JD’s Special C Tex
13. Green Doctor Frosted
14. Isabel Pink 2010
15. Snow White
16. White Current
17. Black Cherry
18. SunGold
19. Emily b (F3)
20. Dr Lyle
21. Liz Bert
22. Wes
23. Grub’s Mystery Green
24. Little Lucky
25. Absinth
26. Prue
27. Aunt Gertie’s Gold
28. Morx Like
29. Lillian’s Yellow
30. Cherokee Purple
31. New Big Dwarf
32. Morx F2 White (2nd place)
33. Morx F2 Pink (Morx like)
34. Morx F2 Green
35. Taxi
36. Sophie’s Choice

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