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Default Crnkovic Yugoslavian x Jaune Flammee

In 2017 I grew Jaune Flammee for the first time and my son and I LOVED its flavor. I thought boy I wouldn't mind a larger say 6-8oz version of it. I was also growing Crnkovic Yugoslavian in 2017 and was wowed by its production, vigor, and flavor. So I did some lazy crossing, placing the anther cones from Jaune Flammee on some emasculated CY flowers (see my brief thread about my lazy cross--which I believe took and wasn't self pollination

I saved seed from both crossed tomatoes separately and will grow 1 plant from each crossed fruit in 2018. Assuming the crosses both took I suspect both F1 plants should be nearly identical. Room is my major limiting factor, but at this point I'll probably grow something like 6 F2s in 2019 and see what turns up. I'll follow something if I'm very happy with an F2, otherwise might screen another batch of F2s in 2020. My goals are simple and I'm more excited about the adventure than the exact end outcome.

I'll update this thread through the process! I'm excited and doing some test germination on my seeds now.

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Cool, signing up for the updates.
I know Jaune Flammee is a Beta orange, KY is pink afaik. Beta is not expressed in yellow fruit but it will show through in a red fruit even in heterozygous state, so a Beta/- F1 would be orange-red. Assuming it will show in pink as well, could make for an interesting color in the F1.
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Originally Posted by jmsieglaff View Post
I'll update this thread through the process!
Please do! And be sure to post copious pictures as well.

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A larger Jaune Flammee is a worthy goal!
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