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I'm sure there is another issue related to what we've seen in the posts above.

And that's that some persons deliberately change the spelling of the name of a variety and do that to make it look like it is a new rare variety and often even change what their source was as well or give no source at all.

I've seen that the most when looking through my SSE Annual Yearbooks but also at certain seed sites.

There certainly is a competition going on to see who in a given year can list the most varieties.

As just one example go to seed sources here and check out Amishland Seeds

No, I'm not going to mention any names although I could and yes,a few are/were Tville members as well.

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Originally Posted by Tormato View Post
It doesn't look like I'll be correcting the spelling. Right now, it looks like the tomato in the swap is the indet. bi-color Serendipity.

The real mess on my hands is trying to figure out the real Andes Horn. Every pic on the net, that I've seen, shows it looking like Opalka. And, Carolyn says they should look different.

Tormato, the seeds of Andes Horn I received from MMMM last year were indeed similar in shape to Opalka. I believe I grew an older 2009 donation. Banana shaped tomatoes are my favorites for the unusual shape and size bragging rights. Unfortunately Andes Horn was the worst in my garden last year. The fruit was small, the plant sparse, and a wilt disease set in. It must have been a fluke as it has many accolades.

Opalka and George O'Brien took turns being my favorite tomato last season. Jersey Devil was grown in the same spot the year prior. It was a good producer but fruit was not as large.

Now back to Sarandipity/ Serendipity. Perhaps the famous NYC restaurant of the namesake famous for amazing hot chocolate was an inspiration in the naming ...

- Lisa
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The tomato I grew was NOT a dwarf. I’m sure it was Serendipity.
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I think Andes Horn is the same as Andine Cornue.
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Originally Posted by MrBig46 View Post
I think Andes Horn is the same as Andine Cornue.

True dat.
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