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Congratulations on the purchase.
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What's that suspicious looking plant in front of your tote?

The long white pipe from the tote is an overflow so that excess water does not pool at the foundation when we get hard rains.
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I think I've grounded myself a little bit better and reality is soaking in. I'm thinking of only going 50x50 this coming year and then double or triple that the following year, which I can get a head start on in 2019. I'm just too busy at work and I still have raised beds at my primary home. I will definitely till the first year and see what I need for amendments ... take it from there. I might be able to get by with a weekend rental of tiller for next year.
My boss is allowing me to work from home one week and be on-site the following for the coming year - this will be of great help to me once the days get longer. I should be able to get a lot of trees downed by the end of Spring. I'll see what my '98 Dakota can do for pulling stumps so I might not need an excavator for that part (rent if I have to after I assess the need). I am leaning toward using a fencing contractor for a 5' chain-link fence around the garden area (future space included). I'll install 3' netting above that to keep the deer out, but not sold on that entire idea yet as there will be many post-hole digging projects that will get expensive if I hire the labor or rent equipment. I'd much rather have a tractor with a 3-point auger for that but maybe I can get'r done with a 1 or 2 man auger.
If I time things right and prep in advance, renting might be the way to go for clearing the land. I will eventually need an excavator to do some demo and fill-in work. I will also still need a long term log-splitter, snow plow, mower, etc ... but until I build a house on the land I will do what I can to get by on the equipment I currently own. I have a truck and trailer and can bring things back and forth, if needed. I will definitely not need snow removal equipment until I really need winter access.
Been looking at the BCS tractors (, which can handle a lot of my wish-list items, but not all. They are still semi-manual and I am getting older.
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
When I first looked at the pictuer it was a shock big time.
Let me explain.
It looked like the area was carpet bombed or something.
The road seemed raised up and there were places chewed out of it from 500 and 1000 pound bombs.
Other areas looked like single bomb craters and others looked like a whole mess of bombs had been dropped.
I am thinking what on earth how will he get there how did it happen and where is it?

Later when I looked again it was trees and shadows.
I have no idea why I saw it the way I did but I did.
It was like one of those optical illusions you see.

Looks nice now that I dont see bomb craters.
Sometimes I wonder about you's called Pennsylvania. Penn's Woods. Those are called trees. That is what aerials here look like here.


Sounds like a dream come true, rhines. Congratulations. I'd offer my services as garden security specialist, but you probably have some lined up...
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