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For a smooth skinned squash, the skin is nice and thicker! One of my favorite things about old fashioned warty yellow crooknecks. I think the thinker skin brings more buttery flavor.

Those are looking very good, Brent!
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Originally Posted by Brent M View Post
There are numerous squash at play brought in for perceived traits--yellow, immature fruit eating (summer squash), dense flesh, small seed cavity/small seeds, smooth texture, bush habbit, and the precocious B gene. Had planted out about 100 or so plants on the final cross and found a solitary plant that met my ideal. Selfed from there. My original reason was to create something of my own honestly. And, to have fun. I have succeeded in having fun and a pretty good squash. Lol. I failed to achieve higher pest resistance, but it can't be perfect I imagine so I'm happy with it. I will tell you that acorn is in the mix of one of the two crossed F1 lines. And no, I didn't buy the F1s crossed.
If you're looking for high pest resistance and are going to throw acorns in the mix, Scarchuk's Supreme might be a variety to use.
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Beautiful looking squash Brent. Congratulations!
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Brent M
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Originally Posted by rdback View Post
Beautiful looking squash Brent. Congratulations!
Thank you.
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Of the CUCURBITS all I have now is CUCUMBER.
They are volunteers that came up from the over grown/ripe cucumbers left behind from the spring plants. There were so many of them but I just kept 5. They must love the sandy soil fed lots of horse manure.
They are the most vigorous cukes plants I have seen . Now setting fruits. I might be able to pick some in couple of days.

Happy Gardening !
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breeding squash , early maturing squash , summer squash

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