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Default Recommended Commercial Seed and Plant Sources

The following links have been placed here as a convenience to Tomatoville® members. Clicking on a link will open the site in a new browser window. Many of our members have ordered from these sources and recommend them to others.

Tomatoville® receives no financial compensation by listing these sources.

If you experience any type of problem with any of these sellers, please notify the webmaster immediately

* = owned by a Tomatoville® member

Abundant Life Seeds

Artisan Seeds *

Blue Ribbon Tomatoes *

Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes of Airdrie *

Chuck Wyatts' Heirloom Tomatoes

Double Helix Farms *

Earl May Seed and Nursery

Eastern Native Seed Conservancy

Fedco Seeds

Ferry Morse Seeds

From The Vine *

Garden Medicinals *

Gleckler Seedmen *

Harris Seeds *

Harris Moran Seed Company

Hart's Seeds *

Heritage Tomato Seed *

J & L Gardens *

Johnny's Selected Seeds *

Jungs' Quality Seeds *

Knapp's Fresh Vegies *

Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants *

Livingston Seed Company

New England Seed Company/Carolina Seeds *

New Hope Seed Company *

The Sample Seed Shop *

Pinetree Garden Seeds *

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Seeds of Change

Seeds From Italy *

Seeds Trust

Selected Plants *

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange *

Stokes' Seeds

Tatiana's TomatoBase *

Territorial Seed Company *

The Tomato Patch

Thompson & Morgan Seeds

Tom Wagner Seeds *

Tomato Growers Supply Company *

Totally Tomatoes *

Trade Winds Fruit

Two Seeds In a Pod *

Veseys' Seeds

Victory Seeds *

Wild Boar Farms *

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List updated 18 September 2014

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