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Originally Posted by bower View Post
With water, sure I guessed that!
The last time I tried Promix it was really dry and don't remember if I had to soak it before sowing or what.
This time I have a shiny new unopened bag of premium organic seed starting promix (mycoactive). Bag says " Ready to Use" and instructions say " put moistened mix into your trays..." etc.

So what do I expect? Is this a peaty mix that needs a soak overnight? What do you do?
Bower, you got some really good answers above. I use a large stainless mixing bowl and warm water as you would with seed starting mix or MG. I also add more chunky perlite. Then use it right away. That's what I do for seed starting cell trays indoors.

On a much larger scale, I used a large child's wading pool to mix Promix, MG, chunky Perlite and a little bit of 10-10-10 to fill our 5 gallon containers.

I'm not sure if that's what you have asked, but it's my best reply.
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Thanks, Salt. I've been potting up the greens this winter with some re-used mix from my containers, and finally concluded that I need to add more perlite because it is still too peaty to drain and dry the way it needs to. There is not a huge amount of perlite in this Promix I got, so I hope it was enough.
Bitterwort, I like that idea of mixing it right in the bag!
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