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Sure looks like TSWV to me. I found another infected plant two days ago when leaning and lowering the tomatoes. I would have seen it sooner if I had gotten around to lowering it when I should. It is a Rebel Yell and it has produced a lot of fruit so far but only has a couple of medium sized green ones on it now. I will leave it and hope the remaining fruits start blushing. So far not bad with only four plants getting TSWV by mid June.

I set out my last batch of grafted plants about a week ago and will not graft anymore this year so I hope those plants will give me a few tomatoes in the late summer and fall. It has just been too hot for grafting in my greenhouse and I now have over 60 plants out in the garden now with less than half of them at producing size.

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Found another yesterday afternoon while i was spraying. It was a red barn. What has really surprised me is the performance of mule team. That plant really likes our garden and I'll bet each vines has 15-20 big fruits and looks the most healthy!
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So, I don't think I have TSWV but just thrip damage. I had a patch of cilantro growing along the edge of the high tunnel that was supposed to be for beneficial insects only I think it was hosting thrips. That is where all of the damage was concentrated to. WAAAAAHHH!!!!! so I cut it all down and then sprayed the whole patch with an insecticide. I haven't seen any more fruit that looks like the pictures I was seeing for TSWV either. I never thought about my beneficial flowers being a host for non beneficials.
carolyn k
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