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Bill, I completely agree. As soon as you see them or any signs - get after them.

GoDawgs, before this year, my initial thoughts on getting rid of leaffooted bugs in one spaying would be, "No way". However, I found the leaffooted bugs a month ago (Post #20) I caught them in a jar to watch how fast they grow. It's unbelievable how fast they grow and change color. I haven't seen another leaffooted bug since. (Fingers crossed)
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I hate leaf footed bugs and stink bugs. This year I’m really concentrating on getting them under control using a combo of neem/soap spray,DE and perimethrin. Noticed that they really hang out in the weeds on the perimeter so I’ve been working hard to get those gone and then tomorrow will be laying weed barrier.
I started getting weed barrier layer last summer and it does seem to be decreasing the problem. I’ve heard planting trap plantings such as sun flowers and okra that can easily be sprayed helps so I may give this a try since I was meaning to plant both as well.
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There's one other thing I grow that I know attracts leaffooteds and that's field peas. I've planted some Knucklehull in a 'toded bed to test its supposed nematode resistance. They're up about 8" and no leaffooteds yet. But the main batch of Big Red Ripper peas will go in where the corn is now. Corn picking starts tomorrow and will be over within two weeks. Then I'll plant the Rippers there.
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