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Originally Posted by shule1 View Post
My Chris Ukrainian is striped like Green Zebra.

My Sweet Orange Cherry has never been orange (always yellow or golden). It's one of many favorites, however.

Sub Arctic Plenty was midseason for me, too. I liked the meaty texture.

Randy Sine's Evil Jalapeno gave me a plant that produced orange fruit and a plant that produced red fruit. I liked the orange one most.

One Ancient watermelon of mine had white flesh.

Urban Beefsteak had small fruit.

Omar's Lebanese did not get anything like giant fruit.

Pineapple was pure yellow (not bicolor), although I heard that this is normal.

One of my Mustard Bhutlahs has anthocyanin on its leaves and fruit, which is awesome.

Ammon Martin's ground cherry was not the stated species, but it's been my most prolific ground cherry, and has decent taste.

Pruden's Purple and Thessaloniki were variegated on some branches.

Mexican was a micro with large cherry tomatoes, which had good taste and texture.
I forgot to mention a few:

* Red Trifele Russian was round (with little flavor).
* Pink Trifele Russian was a long paste-type.
* Pink Accordian was a long paste-type.
* Tropic was a tiny plant, too, similar to how Mexican turned out.
* Husky Red F1 was RL instead of rugose
* Chris Ukrainian was striped
* Kimberly was RL
* Chocolate Stripes was PL
* Delicious had both leaf types

All those I've mentioned so far were from store purchases. Here are some crosses from trades, SASE and such:
* Jim Dandy turned out to be an awesome multiflora cherry that sometimes tasted like butterscotch. Bush habit, but like a giant tumbleweed shape.
* Ambrosia Red was a prolific golfball-sized yellow with decent taste
* A stabilized Brandy Boy F12 turned out to be RL, but I loved it.

Here are some crosses from my own garden:
* Amana Orange is brownish and has stripes
* Pruden's Purple crossed with a similar tomato, producing red-orange fruits; the purple tasted better
* Missouri Pink Love Apple looked just like Girl Girl's Weird Thing (and had little flavor)
* Black Beauty crossed with Sweetie (the result was a prolific, large red cherry; almost every fruit split before I harvested it)
* The aforementioned Ambrosia Red that was a yellow golfball shape turned out to be a pink pleated, but not hollow, tomato the next year. Mushy, but not mealy flesh. Decent taste. Fermented quickly if you didn't eat it right away. Fruits weren't as large as say Zapotec.
* Probably lots of others, but I better be off.

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Red Brandywine
The tomatoes were red,but the plant was a determinate type.
I got 6 tomatoes then nothing.
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