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Default Honey Bunch grape tomato - anyone try it?

Saw this write-up from Fedco, which is usually pretty good in their write-ups in my experience. Looks promising. Has anyone grown it here?

Honey Bunch Small-Fruited Tomato (62 days) F-1 hybrid. Indeterminate. I’ve never been fond of grape tomatoes, but I’ll make an exception for this honey bunch. No complexity here, just a luscious over-the-top sweetness with a honeyed nuance that could be habit-forming. For maximum enjoyment, wait until it ripens fully to a bright red in the field. That’s easy because they are very crack-resistant and seem to hold field quality forever. Our trialers loved the texture of these bright red 8–14g 1x1½" fruits, the size of cherries, but the shape of grapes. “Like small Juliets.” Brix 9. High-yielding vigorous vines are tolerant to EB.
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Nope, but it sounds great. The description of the flavor reminds me a little of Medovaya Kaplya. I've got a plum-shaped red crossed version of Medovaya Kaplya that might match the taste description even more. However, the next generation could taste like anything. Who knows.

I'm more impressed with the yield and hang-time description, though.
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