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So I have yet to take a sample to the country extension but all the plants are pulling out of it. I’m guessing they just didn’t handle the sudden weather change and the issues were environmental. I might still take samples to the county extension but it’s not a priority. They are predicting a lot of rain over the next few days so we will see how that affects them but for now just about everything is getting way better. Thank you for the help everyone

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VC Scott
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This looks like nothing I have seen before. This is a puzzle.

Usually fungal disease starts low and works it way up. Your post No. 13 shows decent looking leave in the lower part of the plant but yellow/ brown spots in the upper leaves. The distance between the leaf shoots toward the top of the plant seems to be longer than usual, as is the plant was growing too fast (perhaps too much nutrients) or as though it wasn't getting enough sun and the stem was growing up searching for sun (not likely the case).

My guess is that this is more of a nutrition issue than a fungal issue. On the plant in No. 13, I would lop off the top 1/3 of the plant and see if you can get some lateral shoots growing from down below. I would also invest in a gallon of Texas Tomato Food and feed one tablespoon per gallon a couple time per week.
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