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Default Organic Fertilizers and Soil Tests

I have been gardening for over 30 years. For most of those years I grew using chemical fertilizers. Recently I decided to go organic. I read everything I could and worked on figuring out how to balance my soil and improve the life within my soil. I worked on making great compost and dabbled in aerated compost tea and foliar feeding. In short, I have been trying to do better, better as I am now seeing it. My question is this. Since I am presently adding materials to the soil that I depend on the soil life to break down into forms useable by my plants, how can I interpret my soil test, since my soil test will not tell me much about what is in my soil not yet broken down? How will I go about balancing my soil when a lot of what I am putting in it is not measured by the soil test I am getting?
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I don't understand why you are repeatedly cutting and pasting the same question. This is the third time for this one.

If you want to talk more about the same question, you do not need to post it again, just make a new post at the end of the first thread and it will pop to the top of the postings as a thread with unread entries.
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