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Default Does anthocyanin manifest under lights?

Will the blue shoulders (and other areas) show up on to tomato plants with the anthocyanin gene grown indoors under lights, or do they need full sun for it to manifest?
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Probably depends on the spectrum of your bulbs.

I remember that some of the folks experimenting with LEDs here this Spring got a lot of pigmentation in seedlings (you know those threads). I don't know if anyone screened that way and what they saw when those matured (presumably out in the garden).
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my indigo rose was the same indoors as the outdoor plants,so actual sunlight isn't needed.
Full spectrum fluorescent
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Interesting thought.
I dont want to state the obvious but it may not be obvious to everyone.
Almost all indoor lighting puts out every color of the rainbow expect some of the ones in the IR and UV range.
If it didn't you wouldn't be able to see those colors.
How much of each is another subject.
But I have worked in buildings with construction sites where they used lights and not many of them for lighting.
These lights didn't put out a wide spectrum and you couldn't see some colors to save your life.
It was like being color blind, not good for someone having to splice colored wire as I was.
Where I worked at they started putting in LED lights to replace the older lights.
They had an engineer for everything even changing out a light switch but they didn't ever consider spectrum and wattage on these lights.

My boss ended up with LED tube lights in his office that were high intensity bright daylight.
It was like walking outside in the bright sun.
He had to wear sunglasses, really.
My light bulb went out in my reading lamp in my room.
They replaced it with a 100 watt bright daylight LED light.
I ended up going around looking for lamps in the place for an older bulb to get rid of that darn light.
You couldn't read to save your life.

I knew the maintenance people and asked them about it.
They had no idea about the difference in the lights they were putting in or that you could buy different spectrum lights.
I think my boss had the equivalent of 1000 watts of bright daylight in his office, You could see the light bleeding out into the hallway through the cracks in the doors of all of the offices they did this too.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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a green indigo rose tomato that fell off when the plant croaked(indoors under lights) turned red only.
When growing outdoors,I had old hunks of mirrors under the plants to help colorize.
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Minnesota Mato
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A black light will help the expression of the genes.
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I suspect if you have a light (such as LED) that outputs UV light then you will get anthocyanin expression even indoors. But i would like to know if this actually holds true.
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Unless it's a tanning bulb, or a special light for some pets like reptiles and rabbits that need sunlight, indoor light does not contain UV spectrum, otherwise it would cause cancer.
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The 19xF2 micro dwarf I have growing in the basement under lights suggests that antho does express itself. In that post you can see the antho stripes on one small tomato where the lights hit, but non-antho regions beneath the sepal shadows.

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