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Sungold split so badly for me that I couldn't get a ripe one off the plant without tearing it apart. It ain't worth it to me.
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Originally Posted by SueCT View Post
NEVER would I ripen inside a bag! I always ripen inside, but never in paper bag. Not only is it not necessary, it creates the environment that they use to make those red but hard grocery store "tomatoes", in that it gasses them by trapping the natural gases coming off the fruit and causing the outside to turn red but not allow the tomato to go through the natural ripening process that develops the flavor. Ripen on the counter, out of direct sunlight, but not in ANY container. You want them to ripen slowly and naturally and not just create a red skin as fast as possible. It could also make them mealy in texture. JMHO. But I would rather buy a tomato on the vine than eat one that went from green to red inside a paper bag.

Yes, skip the bag! I've been picking at first blush and ripening in baskets and trays on the fireplace hearth in the living room for years. It's a spot where they are not getting any sun, they aren't subjected to the temperature spikes in the kitchen if I have the stove or oven on, they are out of the way, and in the evening I can sit on the couch and gaze upon their beauty instead of the TV if there is nothing good on!

It's been a few years since I did a side-by-side with vine ripened, but I don't recall any difference.

As for Sungold, I'm about a week or two away from trying it for the very first time. Can't wait to see what my tastebuds think of it.
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OK thanks. I'll try some ripened inside but I'll lose the paper bag.
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Originally Posted by Gerardo View Post
Sungolds taste like soap to me.

by extrapolation...

SunGold tastes like soap

Cilantro tastes like soap

SunGold tastes like cilantro?
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Aristotelian or Kantian philosophy using judgmental logic is of no value with tomatoes since neither ever ate one. But then, perception is truth.
there's two things money can't buy; true love and home grown tomatoes.
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Some types when ripe on the vine don't last at all once you bring them in, e.g. Black Krim. If you pick it ripe, by the time you carry it to the kitchen and about to slice into it, it turns into mush. Instantaneously

Seriously, those are best eaten in situ, and why I carry a slicing knife and a salt shaker when i visit the garden
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So, I guess that's one less ingredient for salsa. Sungold salsa … I wonder.
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A thread from last year.

ETA Wow! That was three years ago!

Here's another. Lots of links to previous discussions in this one.

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