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Default Sisters of Providence Heirloom Tasting Day

Hi local folks --

I heard about this tomato tasting in Kingston, Ontario on the radio this morning:

Has anybody ever been? If so, is it worth going? I am thinking of trying to make it out there.
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Nope. I haven't heard of it, but it definitely sounds interesting for future note. Thanks for sharing the information.

Can't go this year, but might try for next year....even if its at least a 3 hour drive.

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HOw I wish I could remember the name of the Canadian lady who used to post here all the time, but then had many medical issues.

She knew very well about the Sisters and said that they mixed up varieties, and you couldn't trust what they had and on and on. Was her name Jennifer? Perhaps.

But I have no idea of what's true now at the Sister's place or what they might be growing.

I do hope that someone who knows their tomato varieties could stop by and see if anything has changed since Jennifer? spoke about the situation there.

At one time I think they were also selling seeds.

Aha, I just remembered where I could go to find her name for she posted in the thread about True Brandywine in the Legacy Forum and her opinions about Will Weaver who released it. They were negative as was true of several folks, including me. But if I go there now I lose this post and I don't want to do that.

Aha, I was correct, her name is Jennifer, said Carolyn patting herself on the back. LOL

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