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Delicious looking pizza and great combination of flavors.

Raab was hit and miss for me. I grew it a few years until I ran out of seed.
Definitely a moody one. I should have paid more attention to the environment.
I had one great harvest out of a few tries. It can bolt and get woody in a blink.

Our weather is so unpredictable. I do love it. Even store-bought can be woody.
I should try again next year and start seed inside.
Many crops in that category, liking cool growing conditions, can be fussy for me.
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SueCT, I have the same concerns about bunnies here, except more for the yearly rotation of garlic beds than for a late planting after garlic harvest - since our garlic isn't pulled until August or even September some years, it's not likely anything can be sown and produce after that.

But this year I have sown some carrots and cilantro into last year's garlic bed, hoping to keep them off it with row cover. And I planted beans and beets into last year's onion bed, again using a row cover drape around it to keep the critters at bay. Looks pretty awful instead of awful pretty, but I don't care as long as it works....

I had the experience once, of having rabbits snuck off my pea plants right at the ground just before they were about to make peas. But they are staying away from my peas the last few years, which are in a small protected area and trellised on a net, and also staying out of raised beds with wooden frames.
I've also planted my peas and other things pretty late instead of going for the early crop... which is when the animals are starving and not much else for them! Pots of aphidy celery I put out by the door in spring are so quickly gone before morning. Later stuff, not touched. So you may do better than hoped for.
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No pizza oven, but I have a large pizza stone I have had for years and I heat in a 500 degree oven for 30min to an hour before before sliding the pizza on it. An hour is better. Cooks in about 5-6 minutes with a nice crispy thin crust. This is my not-tomato-season pizza,lol. In tomato season I love making pizza with fresh sliced garden tomatoes.

We will see if I planted Carrots and Beans or Bunny food, lol. Its a learning experience. At least the bunnies are cute.
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I plant a large block of garic for market. These areas are now being dug. 2 crops of buckwheat and grain rye will be planted before the Oct. garlic seed goes into the ground.
I also grow a few hundred bulbs at my home. This has been harvested last week. After tilling, turnip and beet seed is broadcast over the area. On the perimeter I plant winter squash in a few hills. Semi-bush butternut and Thelma Sanders acorn are grown. These vines grow into the turnips and beets, shading them well enough so they can handle the August heat. What do survive, will be picked before the squash matures in October.
I realize if your space is limited, sprawling squash plants would not work. Bush buternut is managable and matures in about 100 days.
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Lots of good ideas. Thank you.
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Too Little Too Late:

CT, TX, FL, CA,NC .. all have different seasons.
But speaking for my climate, I started my second tomato crops early June.
Nothing to plant in July here. Too late for spring and too early for fall/cole crop
Just planted my cole crops ( 11, 12th August ).
My friend planted his tomatoes , in June, near Danbury, CT an now they are just getting ripe tomatoes.

Happy Gardening !
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