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Originally Posted by jmsieglaff View Post
Thanks for the update Monty! Certainly seems a lot of the genetics at play are not simply inherited. If the F1 is a wild ride what will the F2 bring? Can't wait!
I surely haven't ruled out environmental elements as well. For example, it's still cool here especially at night. I know the squash does better once it warms more. I'm also trimming them to stop most branching. While they aren't producing a fruit at every node, it's notable that each branching stem I've not gotten to trim seems to produce a fruit at the first node. There aren't enough male flowers right now either!

I've got about 20 Lemon/Zephyr F2 growing. Wow, all over the board. One is similar to the F1 parent. Hope it tastes just as good. Many are shaped like overweight straightneck squash. Many are wimpy growers. An interesting one of those is mottled green and acorn shaped (not ribbed, but actually acorn shaped). Tasting the fruit is critical to it all. It'd be nice if the prettiest or coolest plant also produced the tastiest fruit. I haven't ever tasted the Tatume, but I can compare Justin's to the Lemon which I love. I suspect, being a bigger fruit, it won't be as dense, maybe more like a Zucchini or straightneck in texture. Having fun with it all.
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