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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Karen we agree on the traded seed issue for sure, and not sending out seeds that are not true to form.And that's one reason in my seed offers in the past I've put up a germination thread, so that if a variety shows up RL and not PL,it's known to be wrong.I also ask folks to not share seeds with others until they know the variety is correct and that's why I ask for a Fall feedback report. Many of the seeds offered in my seed offers my seed producers did,but also seeds from others already processed and ready to go.

About mutations or crossed seeds that any of us save personally.

I had joined SSE as a listed member in 1989 and was so until two years ago when I asked that all my listings be deleted,my choice For many years I was listing many hundreds of varieties, and growing the plants at the old farm, for primarily seed production and also selling plants and fruits locally.

All that I grew at the farm I did all the seed saving, and yes, there were a few wrong varieties,I kept track and in all those years it was mainly seed DNA mutations where pink (clear epi)would go to red (yellow epi) and for many years I kept the two colors going but never sent out seeds for anything other than original

I had sent seeds to Glenn at Sandhill and one was supposed to be red, but what he got was pink, and he listed it. Again, a spontaneous seed DNA mutation.

I don't yet have my SSE Yearbook, but several of my long time SSE friends do, so I ask them to look up stuff for me and they do.Back then, folks would report back to the person they got the seeds from, but I haven't heard of that happening lately.

What bothers me the most is that they tell me that there's no chain of command any more, as in which hands had the seeds passed through to the current person listing it. As in A got seeds in X year from B, who got seeds from C in X year for,etc. That way if the seeds were wrong it could be traced back.

Right now there is no one at SSE who kn ows much of anything about tomatoes,which is the largest listingin the YEarbook, sad to say, and noting that Torgrimson is leaving and I'm told they are looking for someone with a business /advertising background.

So much for the original mission of Kent and Diane who started the mission back in 1975,rather, it looks like to me its going to become a seed company,and I'm not talking about the Public catalog either.

Last year there were about 700 listed members and for this year only about 400, as I'm told by those who already have their 2017 Yearbooks,and that's a huge drop.

So for me with my own saved seeds, less than 10 over all those years,and most epi changes from seed DNA mutations,but a few somatic mutations as well,which were always welcome surprises.

In this post I was answering your own questions and to answer that yes,I went back to SSE to explain my answers, and also indicated how upset I was with the current way that listings are done according to what I'd been told by those who had their 2017 Yearbooks.

And I did that to explain when the chain of command is now left out of the listings it makes it difficult to see where something went wrong when the specs for a current listing are wrong.

I went on to make a very personal comment about how the number of listed members had dropped, and that since SSE has meant a lot to me since I joined and I hated to see that.

Not only the many friends I made,but also being asked to give presentations there where I was able to meet some of those friends in person.

And Torgrimson leaving and a possible change more towards a business oriented person being sought over? For sure since the implications for the nature of what SSE was supposed to be is possibly changing.I was expressing my own opinion about something,others express their own opinions about things,nothing wrong in doing that that I know of.It's called freedom of expression as I see it,which all of us have.

And yes,I know you are now an SSE member since you had said that in another thread and we actually discussed issues about listings as I recall re paper Yearbook,online yearbook and the new exchange one.

All on topic to both Starlight and you in answering both of your questions and using myself and my experiences and giving examples to illustrate same just as others do in answering questions..

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