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Default Rain Water Catchment and Diverting

I finished my Rainwater Catchment Project earlier in the season but just got around to putting the video together. I'm still tweaking but I am quite pleased with the results.
I mainly built this setup to divert as much water as possible as my yard can act as a bathtub, due to my poor landscaping choices because of limited options.

I relied heavily on the Rainwater in the early part of the season and end of the season (currently)
Topping off the ponds is less frequent now.

Here is my website with more information.

And a video.

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Looked through the site and liked what you did, saw the video too.
Lots of work.
Many thousands of barrels of water can rush by my house and from the back across my place when it rains hard and long.
It is quite the sight to see when it happens.
Two rivers converging behind my house running hard and fast.
I diverted in two places to collect runoff soil from above my property.
Gained close to a foot to far in places.
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