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Default Have you grown Patio hybrid?

Curious about something... I've grown Patio many times. It is a decent tomato, and seems to do well in many locations. But last summer, it did not do well for me. I grew it in a 14" pot (about 1 ft deep). Plant looked absolutely great, and set many tomatoes of the usual 3-4 oz. But, they nearly all had lots of core in them, and I don't remember that being an issue in the past.

Is core a genetic issue? Environmental? Or maybe I've just forgotten this issue from the past. Only one thing was different -- I normally have grown Patio in an EarthBox, and this time in a pot, so moisture had to be more variable. Anyone have knowledge about this issue? I've largely replaced growing Patio with Project Dwarfs, because they are earlier, and most of them have better taste (IMO).

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