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Default Final Fall Planting

Today was the last big planting day of the year.

Last night we finally got some rain, about 7/10". Wowsa! Still, in some beds only the top inch or so of soil was moist so I'm glad I did my "watered trenches" bed prep method yesterday. And I'm glad I prepped yesterday. Getting beds ready and planting on the same day is way too much to do.

So, what went in today?

Garlic: 9' each of Russian Inferno and Siberian (two new-to-me garlics), 7' of Shilla and 8' of Maiskij. A total of 78 cloves. There was 3' left at the end of one bed side so I'll toss some beet seed in there tomorrow. Pre-chilling the bulbs was this year's experiment. They've had 10 weeks at 43-45 degrees.

Onions: 10' of Australian Brown (intermediate day) and 8' of Creole Red (short day). The last time I planted the Creole it bolted due to spring temp swings. Short day onions are recommended for this area but the intermediate day Aussies haven't bolt at all. Well, just a little one year but not like the Creoles. Last chance for the Creoles. Maybe just pull and use them early.

Carrots: 9' of Tendersweet and 9' of Yaya on one side of the bed and 10' of Bolero, 4' of Danvers and 4' of Napoli on the other. Just using up the last seed of some varieties.

Scallions: 6' each of Shimonita, Warrior and new-to-me Huek Geum Jang. That last is something I bought at the Korean grocery in town. Can't read anything on the pack! Does anyone here read Korean? I have several other packs that need translating too.

Turnips: 10' of Gang Hwa, another Korean thing I bought. They look red in the packet photo. There's already 18' of good old Purple Tops that were seeded on the other side of the bed two weeks ago.

Daikon radishes: To finish out that Korean turnip row, 4' of Cheong du Gold (Korean and new to me) and 2' each of Gauljeojang and Minowase, ones I've done before. Two fat kinds and one long skinny kind.

Tomorrow I just need to plant that 3' of beet seed (yes, one more time to fill space) and some regular radishes (French Breakfast and Opolanka) and I'm planting done for the year.
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We are getting a bit of rain also and I got out in the mist and worked all morning getting a couple of beds ready to be planted in. I was a filthy mess when I finished about 2 in the afternoon. If the rain ends tomorrow I will go ahead and plant mustard greens and maybe some nest onions. I will also start some onion seed in the greenhouse. I will be planting Creole which did great last year and two other red short day onions and some 1015 Texas sweet onions, another Texas Vidalia type along with Bermudas. I like to plant my onions in DE and then set them out in either December or January depending on how well they have grown. I will also start some lettuce and spinach for setting out later. This gives me time to get the beds worked up because I am still waiting to clear out a couple more beds of tomatoes, peppers and the sweet potatoes growing under the peppers. I will plant my first planting of carrots when the rain lets up either tomorrow or the next day and they will all be Sugarsnax because they have proven far more reliable than any other types I have grown and I really like getting those extra long, extra sweet carrots they make.

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